Monday, 15 December 2014

Why Beth should have survived in The Walking Dead

It didn't have to end like this

The Walking Dead mid-season finale for me left a nasty taste in my mouth. Life may be cheap in the zombie apocalypse, but it shouldn't be for the main cast members of the hit show. And Beth's death was cheap. Too cheap. 

And, it didn't make sense. 

Noah didn't need Beth to save him

Beth and Carol were  leaving the hospital. Dawn wanting Noah to stay behind, shouldn't have been a game changer. Noah was a survivor, he would have escaped again under his own steam. 

And, Beth risked the life of Rick, Daryl & Co with her failed attempt to kill Dawn. The bullets could have ended up flying. Everybody could have died. 

The new sreetwise Beth would never have made that mistake.

So, how should it have gone down? 

Nobody dies 

Here's my take - 
Instead of "I get it now" and Beth stabbing Dawn,  I'd have this - 

Beth didn't need to stab Dawn

"I see how it is here. You let certain people do what they want, so you can kid your self that you're in charge. That you're helping people. You let some of the men, members of the Atlanta Police Department, do what they want, including raping women. You mess with people's heads and beat up kids like Noah. Your our own doctor even killed another doctor because he was scared he'd be replaced by him."

Then she looks at Rick, Daryl, Carol & Co. "These guys, we're a family. We don't hurt one another or use intimidation or brutality and call it surviving. We stick together because we want to."

She turns her gaze on the hospital. "You won't survive this world. You think you will, but you won't because you don't trust one another. Fear's the only thing keeping you together."

That would have stayed true to Beth's character. She was someone who believe people were basically good. That even when they strayed they'd find their way back.

Instead, what we got was the senseless (and wasteful) death of Beth Greene in what was a badly written storyline. 

What do you think?

Did Beth's death make sense to you?

How would you have liked things to go down at Grady Memorial?

I'd love to know what you think.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Is this how David Cameron would look as a zombie?

In The Restless Dead, David Cameron gets attacked by a political rival, which stuns everyone. Well, the rival politician did die the day before.

This is how I reckon Cameron would look as a zombie.

What other delights are in The Restless Dead?

1- there's a zombie snowman - somehow you know he won't be content with just a carrot.

2- there's a zombie vixen who wants to get down and dirty with one of the main characters. Who said it was just brains on a zombie's mind?

3-there's a unique way to disorientate these zombies.

4-there's a homage to Dawn of the Dead when the gang end up at a shopping mall.

5-there's also some comedy. What? In a zombie novel? Well, yes. Scots have a unique way to dealing with things - usually using black humour.

Can bagpipes help them survive the undead hordes? 
Read the book to find out.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Meet the zombie insects

Midges play a prominent role in my Scottish zombie, The Restless Dead, but outside of Scotland little is know about these blood sucking insects.

A cloud of midges like the ones in  The Restless Dead
Here are 5 things you probably didn’t know about midges –

1. Midges are microscopic insects that are barely visible to the human eye. You usually only see them because they hunt in packs and you see the black cloud as you walk by them, or if you’re very unlucky, they come towards you.

2. Midges are also referred to as midgies.

3. Although people might call midges Highland midges, these insects are found all over Scotland, particularly in warm, humid weather conditions and they love the countryside, particularly woodland.

4. Midges are resistant to all insecticides, although there are some sprays that do deter them but don’t stop them biting completely.

5. Unlike mosquitoes, midges don’t carry malaria. In fact, apart from their bites that get itchy, they are relevantly harmless. At least at the moment…

I won't tell you how, but these beasties play a part in The Restless Dead (A zombie novel). Available now on Amazon.